Consulting Services

Our goal is to improve your business performance, your productivity, and your profits through people. While a fantastic business model and comprehensive implementation strategy are important to ensure success, they are not sufficient on their own. Ultimately, success depends on the ability of people within an organization to take action and execute a plan. We are dedicated to enhancing critical business functions through a variety of appropriate tools and measures which may include a combination of the following:


  • Management Retreats
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Supervisory Training
  • Meyers Briggs Assessment
  • Team Building
  • Financial Performance Evaluations

We also deliver in-depth organizational evaluations and procedural changes for sustainability and growth. Comprehensive packages include:

Business / Organization Assessment

Where is your business right now? Identifying what is good about a company is every bit as important as identifying inherent challenges. We answer this question by thoroughly reviewing your strengths along with areas in need of improvement. Our comprehensive financial, operations, and human resources business assessment includes:

  • Analysis of your competition
  • Analysis of employee roles and responsibilities
  • Review of business and financial performance to establish benchmarks
  • Listening to focus groups for meaningful and usable feedback
  • Analysis of workflow and processes
  • Identify skills and competencies needed for success
  • Validated small business assessment

Goal Setting / Resource Evaluation

What are your goals and how will you achieve them? Creating success involves making sure everyone in a company is working in the same direction. We ensure short, medium, and long-term goals have sufficient business resources to leverage success. A comprehensive process of data analysis, brainstorming and dialogue are used to establish plans for business development and growth. Goal setting includes:

  • Enhancing productivity
  • Reducing costs
  • Improving communications
  • Improving human resources policies
  • Managing change
  • Increasing profits
  • Finding cohesion between personal and business goals

Business Planning / Comprehensive Training

How do you obtain an edge of excellence? The path to success requires a roadmap to guide you in the appropriate direction. We help you create a realistic improvement plan that integrates financial, operational, and human resource initiatives for achieving your goals. Your roadmap to success may include:

  • Coaching and training managers
  • Defining employee roles and responsibilities
  • Improving employee performance
  • Team building and diversity training
  • Establishing compensation and employee benefits

Implementation of Plan / Data Integration

How do you execute your strategic direction on a daily basis? Management talents, employee resources, and operational strategies must be put into practice and maintained to achieve optimal results. We work with business owners and leaders to create a plan the company can execute and complete through clarity on issues such as:

  • Executive consultation
  • Leadership development
  • Exit strategies
  • Clear communications
  • Performance evaluations
  • Vendor relationships
  • Succession planning

Measurement Tools and Metrics

How do you know if your business is improving? It is mandatory to establish metrics to use for routine performance evaluations of both the company and employees. All employees must be fully engaged to ensure the company gains value from its investments. YA consultants will provide measuring tools to gage results so you and your employees remain capable and confident. Tools include:

  • Streamlined operations
  • Improved company communications
  • Effective and efficient employees
  • Formal business structure
  • Improved relationships
  • Better decision making based on goal achievement
  • Customized reporting and analysis of business performance