How will I know if my business is improving?

YA consultants provide measuring tools to gage results. We implement strategic performance evaluations for both the company and employees. Our integrated approach to business success clarifies goals and provides a measurable plan for you to execute with success.

What happens after Yandle delivers a plan?

Success depends on the ability of people within an organization to take action and execute a plan. Part of our process includes transfer of accountability for fulfilling a plan. We do not deliver a pile of paperwork and leave. Once tools are in place to gage and ensure success, every employee plays a role in following the agreed upon action plan.

What if I don't have defined goals?

We can help you set short, medium, and long-term goals based on your idea of success. A roadmap will evolve through a comprehensive process of data analysis, brainstorming and dialogue. You fill find yourself making better decisions and better progress as you move toward achieving the goals you set.

I know what I need to do, but I can't find the time. Can Yandle help?

Owners often stay so busy working the business that performance evaluation, goal setting, and employee management fall to the side. YA implements proven process and systems that ease the time required to run a business. We also help define your core abilities and empower others to focus on their talents. Not only will you find yourself with more time on you hands, but enjoying higher profits and long-term success.

What are the most critical business functions?

In a healthy and financially sound small businesses these seven functional areas are in balance: basic planning, general bookkeeping and accounting practices, financial planning, sales and marketing, advertising and promotion, personnel, and production. Generally, one person cannot work all seven areas at the same time. By deciding which areas to concentrate on based on past practices and the needs of the business, managers will become more efficient and profits will increase.

What is an Organizational Audit?

The organizational audit provides small business owners and key personnel with essential criteria to unveil existing problems or deficiencies within a business. Regular use of the audit instrument helps small businesses address unique problems and opportunities to determine appropriate actions and efficient processes.

What is Organizational Design?

Organizational design (or redesign) is the structuring of an organization to optimize its supply of products and services to customers. It is an intense, yet rewarding process where every facet of the organizations comes under scrutiny to determine areas for improvement and/or change. The organization benefits by creating custom systems and services unique to their business, rather than meeting the status quo already used in the industry.

What are the benefits of team building?

Team building creates an environment where people feel a unity of purpose about their work, thus releasing synergistic power. It includes a variety of processes, experiences and exercises that improve performance and task accomplishment. Teamwork naturally emerges from a culture that joins around a clear, cherished “value” practiced by management. However, a clear definition of individual roles in achieving this value is imperative for a team to function positively. Well-executed team building yields “high performance” teams and “high performance” companies.

What is Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching includes processes, experiences and exercises to deepen an executive's capacity for leadership and management skills. The organization can only advance as far as top executives can intellectually, psychologically, interpersonally, and spiritually accommodate growth. We help executives integrate attitudes and behaviors that improve their personal well-being and the organization as a whole.

How do you create a business plan?
YA establishes a long-term plan for business development and growth through an integrated process of data analysis, brainstorming and dialogue. We benchmark your organization's business and financial performance against comparable businesses in the same geographic region and of similar size. Using key financial indicators, your business and personal goals, and management talents, we help you establish strategic direction implemented on a daily basis.