Success Stories

Professional Practice Dental Office

Situation: A very successful dentist with eight employees felt overwhelmed trying to balance her professional practice and her personal life. Her staff depending on her to make every decision at the office and her family continually sought her guidance. She wanted to grow her practice and establish operating procedures to empower others to find answers to problems without consulting her every step of the way.

Path to Success: Yandle worked with the owner and her employees to clarify roles, create a decision-making framework and identify performance measures. Together, we defined operating procedures to enhance accountability and implement teamwork within the practice. An analysis of revenue streams enabled the dentist to focus on the highest margin services and refer other work elsewhere.

Results: Streamlining operations and defining accountability eased staff uncertainty about making decisions in the office. As morale increased and staff turnover decreased, the dentist eliminated extra time previously spent training new employees. More efficient revenue streams took stress off the practice and enabled the dentist to spend more time at home making important family decisions.

Construction Related Business

Situation: Owners purchased a construction business historically focused on the residential market. Shortly thereafter, they recognized the potential for higher margins in the commercial market and decided to expand their business. The expansion would represent revenue streams from three distinct business lines. However, the operating costs and financial performance of each business was unclear. They also had to overcome employee attitude and performance issues. All this in a period of dramatic market shifts resulting from hurricanes and standard industry cycles.

Path to Success: Yandle worked with the owners and employees to define and improve work processes and enhance financial and accounting reporting. Throughout the company, we established performance measures and goals to make current and new employees more accountable for their actions. Crew training was implemented to empower employees through transitional times and improve the hiring process.

Results : Employees embraced the company growth and took pride in their roles within the business. Improved cash flow enabled the company to remain profitable during drastic ups and downs in the construction industry. A clearly defined financial structure helped the company plan for each business line, strengthening the business as a whole.


Situation: A successful non-profit organization had a long, stable history of helping the community. However, response to a community crises and an increase in contributions left the board members unclear on next steps to take. It was time to re-evaluate the purpose and mission of the organization.

Path to Success: Yandle designed and led a board retreat to clarify the organization's 25-year strategic purpose. The retreat covered recruitment practices, accountability, goal setting, and personnel effectiveness.

Result: The board emerged with a renewed sense of purpose, mission and energy. The non-profit determined new services to offer for additional revenue streams and gained a clear vision on personnel needed to provide these services. Revenues have grown and the organization is in-line for another 25 years of service to the community.

Major Automotive Company Supplier

Situation: a Fortune 500 auto parts supplier discovered a critical deficiency in the company's succession planning after an audit by a world-renowned accounting firm. The audit unveiled that 65% of the company's key staff was retirement eligible within 5 years. Failure to address the development of talent represented a high risk in the company's viability.

Path to Success : Yandle led the implementation of a succession planning process for this business of approximately 6,000 employees. Company management, operations leaders, HR and other high level consultants were involved in designing the plan.

Results : Board approval of the plan and subsequent transfer of accountability for fulfilling the plan ensured long-term sustainability of the company.

Personal Coaching

Managers, colleagues and employees encountering personal and interpersonal conflict continually rely on Yandle for assistance. We use a variety of assessment tools, one-on-one coaching, and group coaching to improve personal and working relationships. Our coaching staff prevents unnecessary terminations and resignations.